Rainbow Radish Sprouting & Microgreen Mix

Rainbow Radish Sprouting & Microgreen Mix

1 Lb


A zesty mix that adds just the right spice & color to your dish. Contains Red Arrow, Purple Triton & White Daikon Radish Seeds. All seeds are non-GMO & heirloom varieties.

  • How to Grow Radish Sprouts & Microgreens

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    Radish Sprouts – 1 Quart Mason Jar Method


    You will need:


    • 2 Tablespoons of Radish Seeds


    • 1 Quart Sized Mason Jar (You can use a larger sprouting jar if you'd like, just be sure to adjust the seed quantity accordingly. For instance, if you're using a ½ gallon jar, you will require 4 Tablespoons of seeds rather than 2 Tablespoons).


    • Sprouting Lid or Screen


    • Fresh Water for Soaking and Rinsing


    (1) Measure 2 Tablespoons of radish seed into a quart sized mason jar.


    (2) Cover the seeds with plenty of water and place your sprouting lid or screen on the jar. Allow the seeds to soak overnight for 6 - 10 hours.


    (3) On the morning after soaking your seeds, drain the soak water out of the sprouting jar and then give the seeds a good rinse with fresh water. Drain off all water very well.


    (4) Shake the seeds out a bit in the jar, making sure that they aren't piled up against the screen (this would prevent good airflow). Rest the jar on its side on your countertop. It's a good idea to check on your seeds after a few minutes have passed to make sure there is no water "pooling" around the seeds in your jar. If you notice any amount of excess moisture in the jar, simply tilt the jar over your sink to drain out the water that has accumulated.


    (5) On the evening of the first day, you will rinse and drain your seeds one more time, following the process outlined in the prior step.


    (6) On each subsequent day, you will repeat the rinse & drain process TWICE daily (morning and evening). The key here is to make sure you are thoroughly draining all of the water out of your jar after rinsing.


    (7) On the final day of sprouting, you can move your sprouting jar to a sunnier location, such as a windowsill. This will encourage chlorophyll development, causing your sprouts to “green up”. Make sure that this location is not too hot or extremely bright (this can dry out or even harm the sprouts). Greening up your sprouts should only take a few hours at most.


    (8) Your radish sprouts should be ready to harvest in 4 to 6 days.


    (9) When you’re ready to harvest, give your sprouts one final rinse and de-hull if you’d like. Be sure to drain and dry the sprouts thoroughly prior to refrigerating. A salad spinner works great for drying your sprouts.




    • Because radish sprouts grow quickly, you might notice some root hairs developing early on in the sprouting process. They can appear almost fuzzy, and are sometimes mistakenly interpreted as mold. If you look at them closely, you will see that these are actually tiny roots! No reason for concern here


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    Radish Microgreens


    You will need:


    • Growing Medium, such as Planting Soil or Coconut Coir


    • 1.5 - 2 Tablespoons Radish Sprouting Seed


    • 10” x 10” Growing Tray (you can use any size tray, just be sure to adjust the number of seeds accordingly)


    • Spray Bottle with Water (for keeping the growing medium moist throughout the growing process)